welcome to the food section!

Food always puts people in a good mood, but that can turn around quickly with one bad experience. So I’m here to prepare you as much as I can so you know what you’re getting into.

In the posts below, you will find some tips and honest reviews of places I have been to. Keep in mind that these are all my opinion and restaurants do make changes from the time I’ve been there to now.

  • bestia
    I went and tried Los Angeles’ “so-called” best Italian restaurant located in the Arts District. Click in to see what I ordered and what I thought of it!
  • tommy bahama marlin bar
    Feeling snack-ish or looking for a happy hour spot in Vegas? Check out Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar for delicious snacks and drinks!
  • sunny side up
    If you love brunch and you’re in Vegas, I have a spot for you! I found this place through Tik Tok and I gotta say, I will be coming back again when I’m in town! Click in to read more about my experience!
  • bacchanal buffet
    You can’t come to Vegas without going to a buffet, Bacchanal Buffet that is. Click in to see how my experience was and how you can learn from it!
  • mon ami gabi
    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amoreeeeeee. Luckily you don’t have to travel too far to see the Eiffel tower because there’s a mini one located in Las Vegas, Nevada! Right near the front entrance of the Paris casino, you can find a cute little French bistro “Mon Ami Gabi”.
  • sweet talk
    Looking for some Southeast Asian dessert in Las Vegas? Sweet Talk has a large variety of drinks and desserts that you could be standing there looking at the menu for daysss. Luckily, I’ve tried a couple of things so you can see how I like them!
  • cafe lola
    Wholesome Vegas travelers/residents! If you love to get together with your friends/family, eat sandwiches and delicious pastries, and sip and spill the tea, I got just the place for you!
  • buenos migos
    Buenos Migos offers delicious Latin American/Asian Fusion food. They have lots of good eats from tacos to nachos to street dogs to quesadillas to ube flavored desserts! Click in to see what I ordered and how I liked it!
  • big softee
    I don’t know about you, but I feel like ice cream is a good “anytime” snack. Like after dinner? Sure. Rainy day? I don’t see why not. Burning hot day? YES PLEASE. Click in to see where you can find this place!
  • silverlake ramen
    Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup and noodles? If you’re ever in Los Angeles and is in the mood for noodles, stop by Silverlake Ramen!
  • the dive oyster bar
    If you’re ever in the 626 area and is craving some seafood, cocktails, or creole food, I recommend trying The Dive Oyster Bar! Click in to see my recommendations.
  • love letter pizza & chicken
    Korean Pizza anyone?? Click in to see what kind of flavors Love Letter & Pizza & Chicken has to offer!

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