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You can’t come to Vegas without going to a buffet, Bacchanal Buffet that is.

Bacchanal Buffet is located in Caesar’s Palace. Tucked away somewhere near the slot machines. Honestly, you just have to follow the signs when you get into the casino area because it was a little difficult for me to find them.

Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Located in Caesar’s Palace)

Pricing: $79.99/person + tax

So the tough thing about Bacchanal Buffet is getting reservations and/or waiting for a table without reservations.

It’s tough because sometimes even though you check a week before you decide to take a trip to Vegas, the time slots or days you want to go to Bacchanal Buffet are unavailable. If something is available, it would be at odd hours that people normally don’t want to eat like 9 pm or 4:30 pm. Your best chance at getting a good time is on a weekday.

I remembered having a reservation a little bit later in the day and my group and I thought it would be a good idea to join a live waitlist instead (just to see if we could get in earlier than our reservation).

I tried testing it out by joining the waitlist at 4 pm in hopes that it would be a two-hour wait and we can start eating at 6 or 7, but since I was so high up on the waitlist, I decided to leave it and join again in another hour or so.

What’s crazy though is that when I joined the list again at 5 pm, I was stuck on being the 22nd person in line for the longest time. It was long to the point that I tried to see if I can check-in for my reservation a little bit earlier than 9 pm. Luckily, they let me in, but then I realized that the buffet closes at 10 pm.

I mean it wasn’t too bad, we still got to try the food and they all remained hot due to the heat lamps they were under.

I’ve had Bacchanal Buffet when I was younger, so I honestly don’t remember any of the stuff I tried, so this is kind of like me going for the first time.

It was tough to try everything even when I strategized with my friend to each grab different items to try everything. They had such a wide selection of food that I would say with us splitting each dish, we got through maybe 90% of the items and like 60% of the desserts.

Honestly, since we tried so many things, I want to rate it overall rather than all the individual things I ate. Which was a 7.5/10.

I feel like it’s tough for buffets to have the best quality for everything, but I do think Bacchanal is one of the best buffets by far. I deducted some points due to some of the flavors or quality of the food, and because of how tough it is to make a reservation. However, I do give props to them for the presentation of their food and for them to have such a diverse selection of food.

If you want to check out what I ate, you can find a reel on Instagram or the same video on TikTok!

Have you been to Bacchanal Buffet before? How did you like it?

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