I went and tried Los Angeles’ so-called best Italian restaurant located in the Arts District. And here’s a rundown of how things went:

My friend and I got there on a Monday evening with little to no traffic.

Address: 2121 E 7th Pl Los Angeles, CA 90021

Parking was great because you just pull in, valet your car, and they direct you to the restaurant. ($10 for valet) If you don’t want to valet your car, street parking is available or there is a small parking lot where you have to pay at the kiosk on South Santa Fe Ave and Violet Street (2 min walk).

After walking up a small flight of stairs, you have to walk down a bit to the door, and to the right is the hostess’ stand to check in.

Check-in was quick for us since it was an earlier dinner time (5:15 pm, 15 minutes after they open). But seats got filled quickly not long after we got there.

As soon as we were seated, our server greeted us and asked if we’d dined with them before, and advised us to order 4-5 dishes (even though it was just two of us) since the portions are pretty small.

I honestly thought that ordering 4-5 dishes was a lot since I could get pretty full off a couple of bites of pasta, but I was also intrigued to see how other things tasted so my friend and I ordered 5 dishes total. And honestly, by the end of the meal, I think 4 dishes were enough because we barely took a bite of our last dish.

Under the “Antipasti” section, we ordered the signature Roasted Marrow Bone. This dish was good because the bone marrow is super flavorful and went well with the slightly charred gnochetti tossed in aged balsamic topped with crispy breadcrumbs. I would rate this a 9/10 because, after a few bites, I was kind of over it. I think once the gnochetti cooled down, it just felt like I was eating oily pasta… I’d recommend eating it quickly haha

For the pizza, we got the classic Margherita which had San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and sea salt. Honestly, I think the pizza was pretty good. The pizza was thin, airy, and crispy, but I wasn’t wow-ed by it because I feel like you can’t really go wrong with a Margherita pizza. If anything, I would try a different pizza because it’s a great filler since the other plates were kinda small. I would rate it an 8/10.

For the pasta, we got the Cavatelli Alla Norcina (left) and Torpedo Onion and Potato Angolotti (right).

In my opinion, I think the Cavatelli Alla Norcina stood out the most to me. The black truffles and pork sausage paired so perfectly. Some would think that the truffles would make the dish overbearing, but I think it was the right amount. I think the only thing I didn’t like about this dish was that it was small and quite pricey(because I wanted more, but I get it). I’d rate this dish a 10/10.

As for the Torpedo Onion and Potato Agnolotti, it had mascarpone, veal stock, fennel pollen, and fresh thyme. I think the only thing that stood out for me is that you can taste the veal from the stock and the mascarpone added a nice creaminess. But, I really wasn’t wow-ed by this dish. The pasta type was like ravioli and the sauce just reminded me of a light gravy. I would rate it a 7/10.

Lastly, we ordered the Slow Roasted Lamb Neck which is paired with smoked anchovy creme fraiche and gem lettuce. When my friend and I got around to this dish, we were too full to actually enjoy it. But I had a bite of it before we packed it up and I think it wasn’t bad.

The meat is so tender, that it easily fell off the bone. I think the smoked anchovy creme fraiche could’ve complimented the lamb better since the lamb was a bit heavy and salty. I guess that’s why they pair the lettuce with the lamb so it would make it less salty. But I think Bestia could do better in making the three work together better. I would rate this dish a solid 7/10.

Expense: $9-$160 (this price range includes dessert, but not drinks)

***They add a 4% charge to each guest check to ensure the health and medical benefits for their full-time team members. If you would like that charge removed, let their staff know***

Overall, everything was beautifully presented and tasted pretty good. It was pricey, but I think I would have it on my list to go to for special occasions.

This place is definitely a popular spot and can get pretty busy, so if you plan to go, I highly recommend creating a reservation before you go.

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