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Calling all wholesome Vegas travelers/residents! If you love to get together with your friends/family, eat sandwiches and delicious pastries, and sip and spill the tea, I got just the place for you!

Cafe Lola is one of the cutest cafes I’ve been to in Las Vegas!

Address: 4280 S Hualapai Way #109, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Parking: This location is located in a lot with a couple of other buildings and has a parking lot right in front of the store. I went a little after lunch, so there was plenty of parking.

I mean who would’ve thought the place where people mainly go to gamble, drink, and the club could also be a place where you can find this cute, somewhat quiet cafe?

I say somewhat quiet because it can get quite noisy due to people getting rowdy from their rosés or just enjoying their piping hot tea (yes, pun intended).

But don’t let the noise level bother you too much! It’s not always packed so you’ll be able to find some quiet time if you go during the right times (weekdays, after lunch).

If I were to suggest going to any cafe in Vegas, it would be this one because I mean look at it!! It’s so aesthetic and the food looks so good!

Pricing: $3.18-$45 (not including their wine list)

I’ve been to other cafes that do afternoon tea too, and I don’t think it’s as worth it as this one. The set here is $45 and serves 2 people. Yes, the price seems kind of crazy but Cafe Lola serves you whole sandwiches rather than tiny sandwiches and a good amount of pastries/desserts!

I feel like that set was more than enough for two people. So much so that we had to ask for to-go boxes and were snacking on the pastries and desserts all throughout the day and the next day!

If you don’t care for the whole tea set, they also have individual items you can order!

Okay, this is it! That’s all you need to know and all the reasons you should need for you to head over to Cafe Lola.

So what are you waiting for? GO!

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