valley of fire state park

If you’re looking to do something wholesome in the state of Nevada that isn’t Lake Tahoe, Reno, or the Hoover Dam then you’re in the right place!

I’m sure you have seen pictures of the place but probably thought it was located somewhere in Arizona. But nope! Located in Nevada, less than an hour away, lies The Valley of Fire State Park.

The Valley of Fire State Park has more than 40,000 acres of beautiful landscape, campgrounds, cabins, hiking trails, picnic areas, and a visitor center.

Admission to Valley of Fire State Park is $15 for vehicles not from Nevada and $10 for Nevada vehicles per day. You can also pay for overnight camping admission for $25/night or $20 for Nevada vehicles (with extra charges for utility hookups).

However, if you’re not looking to camp, you can enter the park any time between sunrise to sunset. Keep in mind that the visitor center is only open from 9 am to 4 pm though.

If you plan on visiting, I suggest going any time of the year that isn’t too hot because you’ll be in the desert heat of course.

To see the luminous rocks look like it’s on “fire”, the park suggests that you go just after sunrise or just after sunset. This might be tough to do though since the park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset, so that’s why people suggest to camp so you can see it just before these times.

Before I went, I thought the Valley of Fire was just one area where I can drive, hike a bit, then leave. Little did I know, there were a couple of spots to check out other than the Fire Wave I’ve seen so many pictures of.

Overall, I spent about four hours there and could’ve stayed longer if I didn’t have plans afterward. So I suggest just setting a day aside for you to take your time to do all the hikes, take tons of pictures, and actually see the Valley of Fire at its prime time.

Even though the weather wasn’t too bad that day, I thought my outfit would’ve been okay to venture into the State Park. Little did I know, there was more hiking than I thought. So if you add this to your itinerary, be sure to bring loose clothing (and wear colors that don’t trap heat), your sunglasses, LOTS of water and sunscreen, a hat, and food ( just so you don’t have to worry about the heat, starving, and dehydration).

The closest fast food place to the park is a Mcdonald’s. But last I remembered, it was probably a couple of miles from there and was understaffed, so you will be waiting for your food for quite a while. So I suggest bringing loads of snacks and a meal with you just in case.

Have you been to the Valley of Fire State Park before? Do you have any additional tips?

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