don’t put all your eggs in one basket

I have so many good conversations with the people closest to me that sometimes I forget to think that I should share them with you. I mean these things that we talk about can be common sense. But as my dad’s favorite phrase says “common sense is not common practice”.

So let’s jump into one of the conversation topics, shall we?

To get the full scoop, I’d have to give you some background information about me–I was always interested in event planning. I loved throwing themed birthday parties and organizing plans and events for my friends and family.

I mean part of the reason I created this blog was because of the weekend plans I made for my boyfriend’s birthday. After the trip was over, I thought it would be a great idea to share my ideas or knowledge all in one spot for people who need a quick and easy itinerary or idea of what to do in the places they’re going to.

Anyways, to get back to the point, I wanted to get into the event planning field. So I did what everyone who knows what they want to do, does: apply for a job! I searched and *tried* to apply to every online hiring post for an assistant position so I could try to “get my foot in the door”. (I said “tried” because there were a couple of hiring posts that I was intimidated to apply to because I lacked the experience they were looking for. Like how is an entry-level/assistant level position looking for 5+ years of experience?? Like make it make sense??)

Well, after looking through every website I could think of, I thought to go directly to the event planners’ websites to see if they have a “contact” page or a “join the team” page so I could contact them there.

What seemed like weeks later, I got an email back from one of the places I “applied” to! (Quotes around applied because I actually just emailed them asking if they have a position open on their team).

What’s interesting about this email though was that they replied saying they aren’t actually doing events at the moment. BUT they did have an opening at their firm and were wondering if I’d like to be an assistant there. They said that I could help them part-time if I can’t do full-time, and I could assist them when event season came around.

So I said “heck it, why not?” and joined them!

This is where it gets good.

Not long after, the pandemic hit.

So of course you know, event season wasn’t coming around anytime soon.

Discouraged and unsure of what I wanted to do next now that event planning was off the table, I decided to quit my position at the law office to explore other options for my future. I decided to go into e-commerce since I wanted to learn more about creating an online business. I joined a company doing a 9-5 as a product manager. But I don’t know, it just didn’t sit right with me because I feel like a 9-5 job was never meant for me.

I felt like I should be out exploring and being creative. So I decided to quit, take a break for a whole two months, then somewhere somehow decided to create this blog! (It all sounds quick and impulsive, but I swear I was with these businesses for quite some time)

And what’s crazy is that after two years of the pandemic, I came back full circle.

I rejoined the firm to help them finish a project I started. Got my certification in meeting and event planning since things seem to be getting “back to normal” after two years. And joined a wedding planning team!

What’s even crazier is that through my event planning course, I started talking to one of my instructors and was able to get a position assisting her in event marketing. It’s great because she has experience with blogs and the event industry so, two birds and one stone!

The bottom line I’m getting at here is that sometimes things won’t go your way, so be open to trying new things. You also have to be patient and know that these things that happen are meant for a reason. Sometimes these things will work themselves out and find their way back to you. And sometimes better things are coming!

I don’t think it’s just pure luck or anything like that. You obviously have to make it work too. You just have to be able to put yourself out there. You have to be open-minded and trust that things will align for you.

Now, I’m not saying you have to say yes to every single opportunity that comes to you. Just pick and choose what you’d be interested in and go from there! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket because you never know where it will lead you. Also, you wouldn’t have to say “I wish I _______” because you opened up to new opportunities!

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