who runs the world?

You don’t have to be a Beyonce fan to know that the answer is girls!

We’re over the days of undermining what women can do.

This post is dedicated to some talented women who have found the light in the darkest of times. The pandemic wasn’t kind to any of us. But it sure has taught them one thing–to think outside the box and find their passion in the midst of a pandemic.

You have probably seen me mention these wonderful ladies on my Instagram, and if you haven’t… well, where have you been?

Introducing to you…

kick a** girl bosses:

Hi there! To start off, my name is Charlize, or Charlie for short. I am a small business owner of a home bakery based in the greater Los Angeles area of California.

I initially started this business in the midst of the pandemic, mostly as a fun way to incorporate baking into my life again after my father passed away. My dad and I were inseparable, most of our memories are of us baking and creating new foods in the kitchen together. Now, this business is my way of honoring my dad and making him proud!

I haven’t been on this journey for long, seeing as I only started during the spring of 2020, but it’s been such a great experience! My goal is to eventually have a cafe-style bakery while catering events with my lunchbox cakes and more!

Find me and my work on Instagram: @charliesweeteats

Hi! My name is Kim and I sell press-on nails alongside my mom.

We started MOM’SMANI as a way to earn extra income when my mom temporarily stopped working as a nail technician during the pandemic. It took us about three weeks of deciding on materials and planning/shooting content to get our social media pages running.

Our goal now is to just continue expanding our range of nail art supplies and design capabilities!

Find me and my work on Instagram: @momsmani

Hi! My name is Courtney and I paint canvases, shoes, and occasionally clothes!

I’ve always painted for fun, but I didn’t take on actual commissions until about roughly 2 years ago when a classmate asked me to help her paint a group portrait of her and her friends. That was the only painting I sold for a while because I never thought about actually promoting/offering to paint portraits until about a year after when a good friend of mine asked me to help him paint a birthday gift for his friend. That, paired with the encouragement from my parents and boyfriend, pushed me to start an Instagram account for selling paintings.

Since then I’ve gotten a handful of requests here and there through word-of-mouth and sharing finished work on my personal account. It’s been a lot of fun so far- I love being able to share my passion for art with others and I hope to do so more consistently! (:

Find me and my work on Instagram: @courtney.v4n

Hello! My name is Jessica, the artist/maker behind Eris N’ Embers. I’m from the Los Angeles area and specialize in wood burning aka Pyrography, in other words, I draw with fire! I burn anything from earrings, bookmarks, and trinket boxes. Basically, if it’s wood I can burn it!

My overall passion is to create. I started young creating and exploring all types of art mediums. It was a few years ago that I picked up a wood burner and fell in love with the whole process. I began with gifting friends and family pieces I made and the same people in turn began to ask for customs, which I was happy to do. I like to create pieces that reflect all of what I love from spooky and mystical to tattoos and Mexican culture.

In the end, I am ever so grateful for the people that appreciate my work and know that a lot of love, happiness, and excitement goes into what I create! ❤️

Find me and my work on Instagram: @eris.n.embers

My name is Stephanie and I am the owner and artist behind SC Beauty located in the beautiful city of Monrovia, CA. I specialize in the art of Ombre Powder Brows, the newest and most popular cosmetic brow tattoo technique today. For the longest time, I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship and the beauty industry. 

I attended several Ombre Powder training and was fascinated with the industry. I spent months researching and learning everything I could to develop my skills, spent countless nights practicing endlessly to perfect my art, and observed the work of other brow artists who I admired and learned from. At this point, I became deeply obsessed with the artistry but also loved how fulfilling it felt to enhance my client’s confidence and make them feel more beautiful in their own skin. I then took the leap and transitioned into pursuing PMU full time and am now the owner of SC Beauty. 

My ultimate goal is to change people’s lives and make them easier one brow at a time. I love being able to enhance my client’s confidence and natural beauty to make them look and feel their absolute best. There’s no better feeling than helping restore the self-esteem and confidence of a person. Properly shaped eyebrows will frame your face, bring confidence, and will save you lots of time off of your daily makeup routine! Each set of brows created at SC Beauty is personalized to compliment your unique face structure and our goal is to ensure that each client’s experience here is nothing less than exceptional!

Find me and my work on Instagram: scbeauty.co

Hi, my name is Meliza (muh-lis-uh) But my friends in the car community know me as Z (@zealouzbrz). I model, host car events & just recently created my own merch line.

I created ShopZealouzy kind of on a whim after suggestions from people to create some sweaters. After designing and releasing my first line in about 2 weeks, I wanted to create more. It’s kind of surreal seeing people at car events wearing MY hoodies and zip-ups.

I think the end goal is to expand in such a way that it becomes a more lifestyle clothing line for everyone to wear, not just car enthusiasts. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I can be a vendor and sell my merch at events.

Find me and my work on Instagram: @shop.zealouzy

Hello! My name is Valerie and I am the owner of @beautyygalval located in Rosemead, California. I love being a woman. I love all things beauty and just being able to express myself through makeup, outfits, or anything else that can enhance my features.

In 2020, I gave birth to my beautiful son. I enjoyed spending my days with him and my family, but working a 9-5 job was not allowing me to be the full potential mom I wanted to be. I also wasn’t happy at the place I was working at. I reminded myself how much I loved the beauty industry and as a girl who consistently had lash extensions, I wanted to give it a try! So I trained with the amazing @v.aestheticsla with a course that covered classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions. And in early 2021, I started my own business to be with my son more and to be happy to not dread going to work. From there, I created beautyygalval where I hope to add more things beauty to my services in the near future.

My ultimate goal is to build an empire of my work. I would love to expand my business by offering more services and coming out with a product line of lash goods or any goods that can contribute to my business. I’ve realized that a lot of girls struggle with confidence or just feel “okay” when they should be happy to go out and show themselves. Another ultimate goal of mine is to keep spreading the love and confidence you should always feel.

If you ever need a friendly therapy session or an extra boost of confidence you know where to find me!

Find me and my work on Instagram: @beautyygalval

Hi there! I’m Cherry Respicio Urias, a Filipina born and raised in Hawai’i, a wife, and mother of 2 amazing boys. I call myself a corporate-preneur, as a Controller for a local golf club and owner of a number of small businesses.  My newest venture is revisiting my roots creating the clothing brand, Flipside Urban Apparel, aimed at paying homage to my Filipino culture. 

I started Flipside Urban Apparel because of my desire to share the pride of the Filipino culture with others, specifically my children. As First-Generation Americans, we were taught to assimilate to the American way of dressing, speaking, and mannerisms. Our Filipino side was reserved more so for at home, with family, and other Filipinos. With the recent rise of Filipinos in the media and entertainment industry garnering more acceptance, I wanted to bring my own twist to the table. 

Growing up, being called “Flip” was meant as a derogatory remark and while “Catch you on the flipside” also has a negative connotation, I chose the name to take it back, own it, and that no matter what, proof that Filipinos are a resilient people and to wear their brand with pride, PINOY PRIDE – EMBRACE our present.   

The future is limitless for Flipside Urban Apparel. Who knows, maybe one day we could be high fashion and amongst the ranks of famous Filipino designers such as Michael Cinco and Rajo Laurel. Even so, we want to be the everyday brand, for the everyday Filipino, doing everyday things. Ultimately, we want to create a sustainable brand that will give back to the Filipino community across the world. HONOR our past, EMBRACE our present, and leave a LEGACY”.

Find me and my work on Instagram: @flipsideurbanapparel

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