buenos migos

Address: 12885 Beach Blvd #11, Stanton, CA 90680 (Located in Rodeo 39 Public Market)

Expense: $1 – $50 (don’t be fooled, $1 is a charge for extra salsa)

If you’ve seen my blog post on Shootz, you would know that Rodeo 39 has a ton of food vendors for you to try. Buenos Migos is one of them!

Buenos Migos offers delicious Latin American/Asian Fusion food. They have lots of good eats from tacos to nachos to street dogs to quesadillas to ube flavored desserts!

On the left is the Ube Chata, and on the right is the Chipotle Hot Chicken Quesadilla!

I think the Ube Chata was actually pretty good! I feel like I wasn’t shocked or wow-ed by this drink because I’ve had a similar drink from Dingle Berries Coffee and Tea before! But I mean since you’re in the area, I recommend you order this drink if you love horchata and ube!

The Chipotle Hot Chicken Quesadilla though? Wow. I think this is my first time seeing a location offer hot chicken quesadilla and it was so good! If you like hot chicken and quesadillas, I recommend ordering this cheesy goodness!

I think this place is awesome because they offer family meals that serve 4-5 people for $50! In this meal, you get to choose your choice of meat: chipotle chicken or birria (you also have the option to mix and match) for 10 tacos, chips with cheese sauce or guac, esquites, and a choice of red or green salsa!

So if you’re in the area or want to try some Latin American/Asian food by yourself or with a group of people, come through to Buenos Migos!

Drop a comment down below on who your favorite vendor is from Rodeo 39!

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