dingle berries on 3rd

Address: 8036 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Parking: There are meters around the store you can feed, OR you can just circle around the block, find street parking in the residential area and walk to the store! It’s not too far of a walk + you can walk off those calories you’re about to drink from here🥲

Expense: Love is free baby!! The drinks on the other hand… vary from $3.95 to $8.65 depending on what you order of course!

Dingle Berries on 3rd has a variety of coffee and tea. But what makes you want to check out Dingle Berries is that this is not your average coffee and tea shop. Aside from the hilarious name, they have fun drinks you cannot get at your local boba shop. Two examples would be the Panatcha (pandan + matcha = 🤯) or the Dirty Nurple (their take on the Vietnamese coffee + ube foam on top).

Their store is located nearby the Grove and the Beverly Center so if you happen to be thirsty while shopping, swing by and try one of their refreshing drinks!

Tip: If you like avocado smoothies, but want a little twist to it, request for their avocado smoothie with Ube foam on top! (This drink is on their not-so-secret menu😉) This is the drink I am holding in the picture! It looks good, doesn’t it?🤤

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