Address: 12885 Beach Blvd #11, Stanton, CA 90680 (Located in Rodeo 39 Public Market)

Expense: $3.29-$55 (This price range does not include drinks)

If you’re ever in Orange County and don’t know what to eat, a good option would be to check out Rodeo 39! Rodeo Public Market currently has two locations, one in Stanton and one in Ontario, but to differentiate the both of them, they go by numbers or letters. Rodeo 39 is located in Stanton, California. The other one is Rodeo X, located in Ontario, California.

They both have a couple of vendors in common, but Rodeo 39 ultimately has more vendors than Ontario. You can actually spend the whole day at Rodeo 39 if you wanted to, there have a variety of food choices that you can grab food for every meal. You can hang around the brewery and catch the game, you can get your nails done, or even get a tattoo!

But I’m mainly here to talk about Shootz. Shootz is located in the back right corner of Rodeo 39! They are a Hawaiian-inspired food spot with a little twist of their own.

On the left is Hot Kimchi Butter Katsu Chicken Sandwich, and on the right is the Kimchi Butter Katsu Chicken Plate.

This place is awesome because the “twist” they add to the Hawaiian food isn’t too drastic that it totally changes your palate if you’re craving something Hawaiian. What’s also great is that they offer family meal options that serve 4-6 people (hence the range going up to $55 in the expense area).

If you’re ever in the area, come by and check out Shootz! They have TVs by their dining area, back patio, or by Bearded Tang Brewery to catch any game you wouldn’t want to miss!

Drop a comment down below on what your favorite vendor is from Rodeo 39!

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