love letter pizza & chicken

Address: 18333B Colima Rd Rowland Heights, CA 91748 (located in the Sunrize Shopping Center)

Expense: $5.99 – $45.99

I was first introduced to this place through work. I used to work nearby here, and we did a company lunch every Friday.

Imagine that, every single Friday, trying to find something new to eat. So this is how we found this place. And I have to admit, at first, it didn’t sound that appealing to me. Like Korean Pizza? Imagine going through the menu and reading that the most popular amongst customers is the Potato Pizza… like WHAT??

But guess what, we ordered it and it wasn’t that bad. It was just different from what I used to. When you think of pizza, you think of the sauce-y and cheesiness of it. But there wasn’t much tomato inside their kind of pizzas.

So let’s dive in to see what I got and how I liked it this time around!

They gave us a free salad to start and it was pretty standard in my opinion. If you’ve checked out my Chef Kang Sul Box post, it was the same type of salad I got there. But if you didn’t, it’s this cabbage-like vegetable with a thousand island-like sauce. It was pretty good! I’d rate it a 4/5.

For our starter, we ordered 1 side of sweet potato fries. Sweet potato fries for me are pretty hit or miss. Sometimes they come out lacking flavor, or sometimes they’re too soggy for my liking. Like I don’t mind soggy fries at times, but sometimes it’s that wet kind of soggy… do you know what I mean?

But Love Letter’s sweet potato fries were great! It was a perfect combination of crispy and soft. I also like the hint of seasoning they have on it so it’s not just all sweet potato flavored. I’d rate this item a 5/5.

Next, we ordered the 6 pieces of sweet garlic chicken. It was a bit early and it was just my friend and I eating, so we thought 6 pieces would be good. We also took into consideration that the pizza might fill us up, so we didn’t want to order too much!

I think the sweet garlic chicken was pretty good. I mean I feel like I’ve had better, but this one isn’t at the bottom of my list.

How I determine whether my Korean fried chicken is good or not is by the crunch, the taste, and if the flavor is good enough to “come back again”. So I think the crunch and taste are good, but I think I would only come back if I was in the area. But overall rating, 4/5!

Last but not least, the moment you’ve been waiting for… My review on the pizza. So out of the choices of Sweet Potato Pizza, Supreme Pizza, Bulgogi Bacon Pizza, Potato Pizza, and Chicken BBQ Pizza, we decided to go with the Bulgogi Bacon Pizza. It seemed different, but not too far from our comfort zone to try out.

The Bulgogi Bacon Pizza had onion, bell pepper, mushroom, bulgogi, corn, cheese, and bacon in it! What was deceiving was that you don’t see these things on top when the pizza came out. In fact, you get these toppings under the layer of cheese. Almost like Chicago’s deep dish pizzas.

My friend and I thought it was pretty good, it was different. But weren’t really “wow-ed” by it. I think this is because our expectations were a bit different than what came out. It was a great new flavor to try, but I personally don’t think it was something I’d come back for. I’d probably try a different type of pizza next time. I’d rate that “flavor” a 3.5/5!

Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but there’s mine. I think Love Letter Pizza & Chicken is a great place that everyone should try at least once!

What’s great about them though is that they have combos if you don’t know what you would like to order! If you don’t want to order that much, they also have “recommended” in all caps if you’re having trouble deciding!

Have you had Korean-style pizza before?

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