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don’t put all your eggs in one basket

I have so many good conversations with the people closest to me that sometimes I forget to think that I should share them with you. I mean these things that we talk about can be common sense. But as my dad's favorite phrase says "common sense is not common practice".... Click in to read more!

who runs the world?

This post is dedicated to some talented women who have found the light in the darkest of times. The pandemic wasn't kind to any of us. But it sure has taught them one thing--to think outside the box and find their passion in the midst of a pandemic.

12 ways to make someone’s day

Why be anything but kind? This post is to help you kickstart how you can display "random" acts of kindness. I will be breaking it down into two categories so you can choose if you want to be kind "for free" or be kind "at a cost".