brodard restaurant

Colder weather makes me crave bánh mì bò kho (Vietnamese beef stew).

Address: 16105 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Expense: Dishes range from $5.25 to $17.95

About: Brodard is a Vietnamese restaurant known for their nem nướng cuốn (grilled pork spring rolls) and other traditional Vietnamese dishes. If you love Vietnamese food, want to try some, or are in the Orange County area, I suggest you head over to Brodard! There might be a wait, so before you go, join the Yelp waitlist to minimize the wait time!

When I went, I tried nem nướng cuốn (grilled pork spring rolls) and the bánh mì bò kho (Vietnamese beef stew). Honestly, I don’t go out to order Vietnamese food often because my dad makes Vietnamese food at home. But this was a rare occasion because my boyfriend and his friends were craving this and I thought “why not”.

I think the nem nướng cuốn was good. I mean I don’t really think you can go wrong with them. I’d rate it a 5/5.

As for the bánh mì bò kho, I’d rate it a 3.5/5. It was standard, I felt like there could be a little bit more flavor in it, but it was still good.

Overall, I’d rate Brodard Restaurant a 4/5. This is a good place to go to if you want to try Vietnamese food outside of pho. I would probably come back here again to try their other dishes if I was in the area.

Where do you usually get your Vietnamese food? Share with me down below!

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