Quick little reel for some of the food my friends and I ate😛

Address: 903 N La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069

Expense: $4-$200 ($4 is the lowest price per piece for sushi)

Parking: We did valet parking because it’s tough to look for parking in LA.

I went to Nobu for one of my friend’s birthdays. And I gotta say, reservations are a little hard to make so try to check back often to try to reserve a date in advance. We had to go like a week or two after her actual birthday 🙁

But I highly suggest going on a weekday if you can. We went on a Wednesday night so there was barely anyone there! Warning: I already knew this, but fancy places tend to have tiny portions so expect to order tons of food or eat before/after you go!😂

Now let’s dive in to see what we ordered and how I liked it:

I got the Mango Passion Cocktail as a drink, and it was pretty good! Nothing too *wow* about it, but I would order it again! I’d rate it a 4/5.

From the “Nobu Cold Classic” part of the menu, we ordered the Oysters with Nobu Sauce (this only comes in 2 pieces) for $10. If you know me, I love oysters so nothing went wrong here. The Nobu sauce compliments it really well. I would’ve ordered a whole bunch more but I wanted to save my stomach to try other items. I would rate this dish a 5/5.

The next thing we got from the “Nobu Cold Classic” part of the menu was the Yellowtail Jalapeno. This item was $30, and IT’S SO WORTH IT. I think I really liked this one because I love how it wasn’t over marinated with the sauce it came with and the piece of jalapeno gave it a little kick. I’d rate this a 5/5!!

From the “Nobu Cold Now” part of the menu, we ordered Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna. Honestly, I thought this was just okay. I don’t think it was for $28… I mean maybe the spicy tuna part, but nothing wow-ed me here. I’d rate this a 3.5/5.

The next thing we ordered was the Wagyu Tacos from the “Nobu Style Tacos” part of the menu. The price per piece is 2 pieces minimum, and the Wagyu was $12. Oh my goodness, I wish the tacos weren’t so tiny so that I can really take my time and eat it. But with how tiny the portions were and how delicious it looked, I literally took two tiny bites and finished it. (I really could’ve finished it in one but I wanted to savor it a little longer LOL). This dish was one of my favorites, I’d rate it a 5/5.

From the “Soups & Noodles” part of the menu, my friends ordered the miso soup with tofu and we shared the Uni Pasta. I didn’t try the miso soup, but my friends said it was just okay. As for the uni pasta, the only other time I had uni pasta was from EMC Seafood & Raw Bar, so I was expecting it to be like that– a little creamy with a rich taste in uni. But this wasn’t the case, I felt like I barely tasted anything with this dish. I’d rate it a 3/5. Maybe I was just expecting too much?

From the “Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi” menu, we ordered the salmon and yellowtail nigiri. Both were pretty good, but it didn’t stand out too much to me because I felt like it was standard, other than the fish was pretty soft.

And last but not least, from the sushi maki section, my friend ordered the soft shell crab roll. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of rolls, so this one was okay. I was expecting more from it, but I’d rate it a 3/5.

Nobu is a bit on the pricey side, but the food was pretty good and it’s a great experience. I’d probably come back to try their premium omakase.

Overall, I would recommend the yellowtail jalapeño, oysters with Nobu sauce, and the wagyu tacos 😮‍💨

What is your favorite Japanese restaurant? Let me know down below!

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