the peach cafe

If you love brunch and mimosa flights, this is the place for you!

Address: 141 E Colorado Blvd, Monrovia, CA 91016

Expense: $3.95 – $13.75 (this range excludes drinks)

The Peach Cafe serves one menu — breakfast and lunch from 8 am – 3 pm all day every day. But if you know me, I really go get brunch for two things: mimosas and french toast. I don’t really mind what else is on the menu, just serve me mimosas and french toast. The Peach Cafe was perfect because they have MIMOSA FLIGHTS and BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS.

Ironically though, when I went to visit I didn’t order the french toast. That day I couldn’t decide between the powdered sugar and strawberry waffle, or the strawberry french toast, and just went with a safe option – the breakfast burrito. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.

I think Breakfast Burritos are very hit or miss for me because some can be oily or too heavy for me in the “morning”, but not this one! This one was made perfectly and didn’t skimp out on any ingredients! I ordered mine with sausage for the meat, green salsa for the sauce, and potatoes for the side.

Green salsa is always my go-to for salsas because I don’t like to eat really spicy things, I just like the kick. But in this case, the green salsa wasn’t spicy at all (in my opinion). I had to add Tabasco sauce for more of a kick.

For the side, I got potatoes and I feel like this is always a safe option to order anywhere. And I wasn’t wrong. They cut their potatoes into smaller cubes so I think it’s easier to fry, which made the potatoes super crispy. If you like soggier potatoes or want to have more of the “potato” in your potatoes, I recommend you order something else. They also have crispy scalloped potatoes or bourbon smashed sweet potatoes with candied pecans if you want to try something different!

My friend ordered the PC Burger and really liked it. The PC Burger is a 1/2 pound of 100% Angus beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and their own spread. For $1.50, you can add avocado and for $1 you can add a fried egg on top. My friend happened to add both, and it was so good. The egg really enhanced the flavor of the burger and the avocado was just a good addition to “balance” for health.

Now getting to the part you’ve been waiting for — the mimosa flights. When we went, they had seven flavors. I believe they were peach, watermelon, mango, guava, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Since the mimosa flights come in four, we repeated the blueberry flavor. They all tasted really good, I think the only one we thought was just okay was mango because it was light in flavor.

Overall, I would come back for the flights and try other stuff on the menu. Rating 10/10.

Where are your favorite mimosa spots? Drop a comment down below to let me know!

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