garcia’s fruit

Nothing is more refreshing than a chamango😛

Address: 9661 Garvey Ave #103, El Monte, CA 91733

Expense: Ranges from $2-$10 depending on what you get

Honestly, I’ve only been here for the raspados and the mangonadas and I gotta say… both are FIREEEE. And if you ask them to make a raspado chamango style? *chef kiss* 😚🤌🏻 I will definitely be back to try other items they sell like elotes, coco fresco, fresas con crema, and more! Stay tuned for more pics of the new stuff I’ll try!

Pictured is the mangonada which is prepared by asking what three flavors of ice cream (more like Italian ice) you want to start with. Once you give them your selection, they work their magic by decorating the cup with chamoy swirls, mangos, tajin, and a tamarind straw. It tastes even better than it looks if that’s even possible😂

Do you have any recommendations on what drinks I should try?

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