corazon cocina

Address: 38 W Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA (in the Santa Barbara Public Market)

Expense: Varies $1.75 – $18.85 (this range includes dessert and drinks)

Shoutout to my aunt for showing me this place. This is only my second time here and I’m forever obsessed with their ceviche!

Corazon Cocina is located in the Santa Barbara Public Market, home to a wide array of cuisines. There’s really something for everybody here if you’re feeling Thai, Mexican, Italian, even if you’re on a special vegan diet! Check out the Santa Barbara Public Market website to check out what other merchants they have!

The picture on the left is the Colima Ceviche which has wild shrimp, pico de gallo, cucumber, jicama, avocado, and habanero aioli. I just love how citrusy their ceviche is!

The other dish I got is the Campechana and it came with a side of chips. I think of the Campechana as an open-faced quesadilla, filled with grilled skirt steak, roasted pork, cheese, onions, radishes, and salsa. This dish is just wow, *chef’s kiss* as well because of how juicy and flavorful the meat is.

Lastly, the drink we got is the Hibiscus Lemongrass. It sounds a little odd, I know, but it’s super refreshing after a day of walking!

What is your favorite food spot? Comment down below so I can go try it!

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